Lift-a-Dot Sets comprise of an oval shape and has 3 parts per dot.  Alpha Universal manufactures and sells a custom Lift-a-Dot Sets punch that makes the holes for the Lift-a-Dot Sets shape in the canvas.  Made from nickel plated brace and the feather made from steel allowing the Lift-a-Dot Sets to be stronger and ideal for outdoor use.

The “eyelet” and “pin” parts of the Lift-a-Dot Sets is punched into the canvas. The “dot lift clip” part is bunched onto the attaching canvas. To attach the 2 canvases to each other the “dot lift clip” part clicks over the pin part just like a press-stud.

Alpha Universal also sells the manual hand held punch that makes the hole in the canvas that fits the Lift-a-Dot Set.

Common Uses for Lift-a-Dot Sets

Common use on boats are for windows.
Used mainly on vehicle to secure covers to the vehicle. (Ideal for vintage cars sails.)
Even used in Awnings.

Available in

Sold in packs of 100 items or individually.

Only the one size available.