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Motorized Outdoor Roller Blind Systems

Alpha Universal offers a Motorized roller blind system, with a push of a button, your blinds can be opened or closed. Privacy, security and cosmetic appeal are the main factors considered when selecting what will be used in covering windows.

In conjunction with Ripstop, RECacril® or Sunweave Fabrics and Achilles Vinistar Ultra Clear PVC. Having motorized blinds is Energy Saving and protects artwork and furniture from UV rays.

Let’s be honest, having motorised blinds is such a luxury. In conclusion, motorized window treatments are more than visually appealing, they add to the security, privacy, and efficiency of your home.

The Wistar motor is currently the easiest programming motor on the market. The remote works on 3v battery and the power unit plugs into a 220v plug, it uses the same amount of power as any appliance, plug and play. The remote is able to run 4 x blinds individually or all at once.

In order to manufacture your motorized blind: You will require the following components:

1 x 30nm Wistar motor – It comes with a 1.5m long electric cable and 70mm Crown and adapter, a remote, 2 mounting brackets, 1 x Round pin 70mm end cap, top 70mm roller tube – options: 3m, 4m, 4.5m, 5.0m, 5.8m.

All our outdoor blinds components are compatible with other suppliers parts and top roller tubes.

Motorized Outdoor Roller Blind Systems In Use

Motorized Outdoor Roller Blind Systems Close Up

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