• Our industrial grade eyelets are manufactured at our factory in South Africa from high quality solid brass and our stainless steel eyelets from 304 grade, both locally procured. These materials offer excellent resistance to the elements and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use as well as for use in hostile work environments.
  • All our TG4 and TG7 eyelets are self-piercing, making installation with any of our presses simple, quick and easy, never needing to sharpen any cutting blades.
  • We have been in the eyelet manufacturing business since 1990 with years of experience, providing employment to numerous local people and a livelihood to their families.
  • Not only do we manufacture the eyelets, but we also manufacture the necessary closing tools, including pneumatic and hand operated presses in addition to hand closing tools. In this way Alpha Universal can offer all the necessary after-sale support needed to keep your factory up and running.
  • We have always done our best to maintain stable pricing in the marketplace even when metal prices have fluctuated, often not increasing prices for up to 3 years.
  • Because our eyelets are locally manufactured and because we carry adequate stock, we are less affected by delays associated with importing and are proud to say that we have never not been able to supply a customer, a situation we aim to maintain.
  • The price of various commodities has increased dramatically over the last two years, with brass up by more than 60%, stainless steel by more than 50% and nickel, a component of stainless steel by more than 200%. Electricity and labour have also increased during this period. To make our product sustainable we have had no choice but to pass a modest increase in comparison, so that you can still enjoy a great value for money product. We have reduced our eyelet prices in the past and will do so again if these metal prices drop sufficiently. Unfortunately, if metal prices continue to increase globally, we may be forced to revise prices again in the future but will only do so if absolutely necessary.

We thank you for your continued loyal support, and for choosing us as your business partner. We assure you that we are working extremely hard to ensure stock security and price stability wherever possible.

Yours sincerely,
Nick Cetinich

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