Alpha Universal manufactures this heavy-duty TG 4 Eyelets Self-Piercing. Made from Stainless Steel (304) or Brass eyelets with “spurs” to grip onto your material.
The eyelets are self-pierces and makes a hole into the material when crimped together when using the Eyelet Closing Presses. The female washer part of the eyelet has teeth that hook into the material when crimped together with the male washer of the eyelet; this shares the load on both washers. When the rope that is thread through the eyelets are pulled tight, the teeth prevents the eyelets from tearing out of the material.

With an inside dimension of 9mm and an outside dimension of 20mm. Stainless Steel and Bras are both rust free that allows for outdoor use. Both metals are equal in strength and because of the price of Brass, it makes the stainless steel eyelets the more affordable eyelet.

The Brass Eyelets are yellow in colour and can be colour coated in black (black passivated coating) or silver (nickel plated). Both of these colours look really appealing on the bakkie or truck tonneau covers. The stretch cord or bungee cord of up to 9mm thickness will weave through comfortably and hooks onto the lacing hook.
Alpha Universal also manufactures Eyelet Closing Equipment that is designed to be used for the Self-Piercing TG 4 and TG 7 Eyelets.

Common Uses for TG 4 Eyelets Self-Piercing
Perfect for outdoor applications like tarpaulins, tents, tonneau covers and Lapa covers, as neither the brass nor the stainless steel rusts.

Available in:
Sold in packs of 1000 items or individually.
Stainless Steel or Brass (Brass yellow, black or nickel colours)
Dimension: ID 9mm OD 20mm.

The Range of Eyelets Alpha Universal Offers