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Spunbond material

Spunbond is commonly used for the inner and outer layers of surgical and medical face masks. Spunbond fabric is a polypropylene material and is known for its softness and comfort. It is often used in the manufacture of surgical masks, medical clothing, medical caps, round caps, disposable overshoes, disposable aprons, disposable coveralls and various protective face mask applications.

Spunbond material can be used in conjunction with our Durak Polystrong 80 and 120 Sewing thread. With the addition of our 7.5 mm Elastic, one can manufacture essential protective equipment such as face masks.

Common Uses for Spunbond material:
Medical, Personal Care and Hygiene: Diaper, sanitary napkins, medical caps, shoe cover, surgical gown, isolation gown, operating coat, disinfecting bag, disposable health cloth, surgical face masks, surgical dressing, medical face masks, bed sheets, table cover, operation gown.
Apparel & Accessories: Coveralls, pillowcases, airlines headrests, clothing base cloth.
Agriculture: Crop covers, weed control fabrics, frost protection, roots bags, nonwovens for seeds breeding.
Construction, Furniture & Bedding packaging: Roofing and tile underlayment, sofa and mattress lining, pipe wrap, food packaging.

Available in:
Spunbond White 70gsm x 160cm (250m/roll)
Spunbond White 50gsm x 110cm (500m/roll)
Spunbond Black 50gsm x 160cm (500m/roll)
Spunbond Black 70gsm x 210cm (250m/roll)

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