The slider is the shoe-like part of the zip that glides over the track of teeth or zipper teeth that opens or closes the zip depending on the direction it is being pulled. The sliders are available in double tab or Single tab, with a double tab slider so it can be used on reversible items, this is popular with tents.

Common Uses for Zips

Used on tents, and camping equipment and accessories for example; doors and windows
Also used on awning, upholstery work, cushions, bags such as backpacks and school bags, and jackets.

Bakkie tonneau covers, often have a zip in the cover that allows you to take out items from the back without having to remove the whole tonneau cover. 

Available in:

Sliders: Double tab or Single tab.
Sliders Sold individually or in quantities of 100.

Zip slider No 5 (single tab) nickle /black
Zip slider No 5 (double tab) nickle
Zip slider No 10 (single tab) nickle/black
Zip slider No 10 (double tab) nickle/black