A black nylon mounting cleat is designed so that rope can be fed through the cleat.
The cleat acts as a stopper and a quick release, once you have pulled up the awning, the rope is thread through the cleat wedge. The cleat wedge has a set of teeth that will hold the rope in place, this will stop the rope from sliding back, the cleat will only release when the rope is lifted out of the teeth.

The Cleat Wedge is an alternative to an Aluminium Cleats

Common Uses for Cleat wedges:
Cleat wedges are used to secure rope of awnings and Lapa covers.
They are ideal on boats or Yachts, to tie down rope.

Available in:
Sold in packs of 50 units or individually.

Cleat wedge large black/white (plastic)
Cleat tubular jam black (plastic)