Flat hooks are made from galvanised mild steel and can be used outdoors. A flat hook is similar to a tent hook but has a loop on the one side, this loop can take 25mm webbing. The webbing will be attached to the sail of the tent, whilst the flat hook will be on the other side. The flat hook connects to a tent pole, the hook part of the flat hook will hook into the hole of the pole and secure it.

Flat hooks can also be used as awning anchors. Other applications include: attached onto banners that need to be hung, used to hook gazebo-sides onto the horizontal pole of inner webbing of the gazebos roof.

Flat hooks are popular items that are mainly used by tent manufacturers.

Common Uses for Flat Hooks:
Flat Hooks are often used on tents, banners and gazebos together with 25mm webbing.

Available in:

Sold in packs of 20 items or individually.

Flat Hooks 25mm
Welded galvanised
Olive/green coating
Black coating