Fish plates are made from mild steel that is nickel plated, making them suitable for outdoor use. Fish plates are made up of a D shaped ring as well as a metal plate which is folded over the straight side of the D ring. The 2 plates that meet up have a hole in the centre, this hole is used for bolting the Fish plate to a pavement or other surface. Between the folded plate, the D ring can move freely from side to side. A Fish Plate only needs 1 bolt to secure it in place, unlike the Collapsible saddle that requires 2 bolts to secure the D ring to a flat surface.

Common Uses for Fish Plates
Fish Plates are often used to secure awning systems, such as Lapa covers, to other surfaces.

Available in:
Sold in packs of 100 units or individually.

Small (with D-Ring)
Stainless Steel Large (Rectangle)
Stainless Steel Large (D-Ring)