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D-Rings are nickel plated mild steel shapes in the form of the capital letter D.
There are many uses for D-Rings because they come in different sizes that works in conjunction with webbing to form straps. The size is determent by the size webbing that can connect to the flat side of the D-Ring.

Common Uses for D-Rings

Ideal for outdoor uses because of the nickel-plated mild steel. The D-Rings are also available in plastic for light weight use such as suitcases, jackets, water bottles, key chains and many more uses.

May be used at the end of a leather or fabric strap, or may be secured to a surface with a metal or fabric strap.
Popular uses are in Army Tent windows to open the window flap and strap and hook with the D-Ring inside with a hook.
For light loading applications such as clothing and luggage.
Different thicknesses depending on the application.

Available in:
Sold in packs of 100 items or individually.

19mm Welded nickel
25mm Welded nickel
25mm Welded galvanised
25mm Olive green coating
38mm Welded nickel
38mm Welded galvanised
50mm Welded galvanised
Black plastic: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm

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