Tent Hooks or also known as Waist Hooks, made from galvanised mild steel. The hook arches back into 2 circular holes, these holes are used to fit industrial strength pop-rivets, connecting the Tent Hook to the tent material.

Tent Hooks are mainly used in big tents, the Tent Hooks are pop-riveted into the roof side along the bottom boarder where the tent sides or walls will hook onto them. On the tent-sides or walls there are eyelets that prevent the material from tearing under the weight when hanging. Tent Hooks hook into these eyelets on the roof’s bottom boarder that allows the walls or sides to hang. 

If multiple Tent Hooks are lined up on the roof bottom boarder, there will be better load bearing for the tent-sides or walls hanging from the roof. 

Common Uses for Tent Hooks

Tent or Waist Hooks are mostly used in tents to secure various items to the tent.

Available in:
Sold in packs of 20 items or individually.