DURAK Duralon®

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DURAK Duralon® is a lubricated high tenacity continuous filament sewing thread made from 6.6 nylon. DURAK Duralon® has excellent abrasion resistance with good elongation and strength.

Also available in a bonded product see: Click here to read more about Durabond Nylon

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Common Uses for DURAK Duralon®
DURAK Duralon® is suitable for a range of application that requires high seam strength and abrasion resistance such as furniture, automotive, bag, suitcase, and shoe industries.

Available in:
 DURAK Duralon® 10 (CFN 10 / DURALON) – 3500MT
DURAK Duralon® 60 (CFN 60 / DURALON) – 3500MT
DURAK Duralon® 40 (CFN 40 / DURALON) – 2500MT
DURAK Duralon® 20 (CFN 20 / DURALON) – 2500MT