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Durak Durafix is a high tenacity continuous filament polyester sewing thread produced from premium quality raw materials. DURAK Durafix is an ideal sewing thread with its strength against high-speed sewing, resistance to abrasion, scuffing and chemical effects. A lubrication process, during manufacturing, ensures high sewing performance under high-speed conditions.

Also available in a bonded product see: Click here to read more about Durabond Nylon

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Common Uses for DURAK Durafix

  • Home Textiles
  • Jeans
  • Outdoor goods and textiles
  • Tents
  • Furniture
  • Shoes and leather work

DURAK Durafix
Available in:
DURAK Durafix 8 (CFP 1000/3) – 1000MT
DURAK Durafix 11 (CFP 1000/3) – 1500MT
DURAK Durafix 30 (HT CFP/DURAFIX 30) – 5000MT
DURAK Durafix 20 (CFP 20/DURAFIX) – 1500MT
DURAK Durafix 70 (CFP 70/125/3) – 1000MT• DURAK Durafix 40 (CFP 40/125/3) – 3000MT
DURAK Durafix 100 (CFP 100 85/3) – 7500MT

Water repellent and UV thread.
Available in:
DURAK Durafix 20 (CFP 20WR/UV) – 1500MT
DURAK Durafix 30 (CFP 30WR/UV) – 2500MT