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DURAK Fire Safe Para-Aramid

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Durak Fire Safe Para-Aramid is a non-flammable sewing thread that is produced from 100% cut fibre para aramid raw materials that are resistant to heat of up to 500 degrees Celsius. Fire Safe P-Aramid has been designed to meet the flammability and high strength needs of the automotive and thermal insulation industry.

Product Advantages:

  • Properties not effected after washing.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to flame, heat, and electric spark.
  • When removed from the flame and heat source, the thread will self-extinguish.

Common Uses for DURAK Fire Safe Para-Aramid

  • Flame retardant protective clothing.
  • Filtration.
  • Protective Footwear.
  • Military Protective Clothing.
  • Mattress Tape Seams.
  • Heat Insulation.
  • Safety Gloves.
  • Firefighter Uniforms.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • Work clothes and uniforms.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Industrial protective gloves.
  • Flame retardant embroidery applications.

Available in:
DURAK Fire Safe Para-Aramid 100% Spun 50 – 2500MT
DURAK Fire Safe Para-Aramid 100% Spun 70 – 3000MT

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