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DURAK Poly Strong® PP (Poly Poly)

DURAK Poly Strong® PP (Poly Poly) is a multi-functional core spun sewing thread where staple spun polyester is wrapped around a continuous filament polyester (CFP) yarn which gives it a high sewing strength to thickness ratio.  This allows for less bulky seams and is ideal for garments where a bit of give is required in the seams, it also prevents puckering when sewing.

The construction and lubrication of the thread aids sewing with less breakages during manufacture thus leading to higher productivity. The DURAK Poly Strong® PP thread remains stable when washed or laundered repeatedly. It does not bleach and has a high chemical resistance.

DURAK Poly Strong® PP is available in various ticket sizes. Alpha Universal currently only cater for lighter applications, other sizes can be requested.

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Common Uses for DURAK Poly Strong® PP (Poly Poly)

  • Workwear
  • Sportswear
  • Fine fabrics
  • Intimate garments
  • Denim jeans
  • Home textiles

Available in:
DURAK Poly Strong® PP 80 (POLYSTRONG) 80 (180/2) PPC) – 5000MT
DURAK Poly Strong® PP 120 (POLYSTRONG) 120 (120/2) PPC) – 5000MT
DURAK Poly Strong® PP 180 (POLYSTRONG) 180 (75/2) PPC) – 5000MT

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