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DURAK Durabond Bonded Polyester

Durabond Bonded Polyester


DURAK Durabond DURAK Bonded Polyester is a high-performance sewing thread that withstands tough sewing conditions. It comprises 100% polyester fiber that provides exceptional strength and durability. Additionally, a special resin reinforces the thread, making it resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and UV light.

One of the key benefits of  Durabond Bonded Polyester is its ability to maintain its strength and integrity even when exposed to harsh environments. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor and marine applications, as well as for heavy-duty industrial sewing applications.

Another benefit of  Durabond Bonded Polyester is its excellent color fastness. The thread is available in a wide range of colors, and the colors are designed to resist fading and bleeding, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and chemicals.

Durabond Bonded Polyester is also highly resistant to rot and mildew, which makes it ideal for use in humid environments. The thread is also easy to sew with, thanks to its low friction coefficient and excellent sewability.

Overall, DURAK Durabond Bonded Polyester is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance sewing thread that can withstand the toughest sewing conditions. Its superior strength and durability, combined with its resistance to abrasion, chemicals, UV light, and rot, make it a top choice for a wide range of applications.

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Common Uses for DURAK Durabond Bonded Polyester

Ideal for high-risk products like safety body harnesses, lifting slings, shoes and handbags.

  • Available in:
    DURAK Durabond P 6 (CFP) – 350MT
    DURAK Durabond P 8 (CFP) – 1000MT
    DURAK Durabond P 11 (CFP) – 1500MT
    DURAK Durabond P 20 (CFP) – 1500MT
    DURAK Durabond P 30 (CFP) – 2500MT
    DURAK Durabond P 40 (CFP) – 3000MT

Durabond P UV treated

Common Uses for DURAK Durabond P UV treated sewing thread is suitable for products that are exposed to UV Sunlight, salty water, and wind.

Available in:
DURAK Durabond P UV 20 (CFP) – 1500MT
DURAK Durabond P UV 20 (CFP) – 3000MT

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