DURAK Durabond Bonded Polyester

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DURAK textiles uses highly advanced technology when bonding their Durabond threads.
This bonding technology delivers high durability and superior sewing performance on tough sewing surfaces.

DURAK Durabond is available in continuous filament (CF) 6.6 nylon and 100% CF polyester. Durabond has good friction and abrasion resistance properties. Which is ideal for multidirectional sewing or any application where thread strength and appearance must not be compromised by plys opening. DURAK Durabond can also be used where S-twist threads are required, all plys are under the same tension guaranteeing even stich appearance with high-speed stitching.

Common Uses for DURAK Durabond

Ideal for high-risk products like safety body harnesses, lifting slings, shoes and handbags.

Available in:
DURAK Durabond P 20 (CFP) – 2500MT
DURAK Durabond P 30 (CFP) – 2500MT

Durabond P UV treated

Common Uses for DURAK Durabond P UV treated sewing thread is suitable for products that are exposed to UV Sunlight, salty water, and wind.  

Available in:
DURAK Durabond P UV 20 (CFP) – 1500MT