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Hand Operated Counter Press

Alpha Universal manufactures this heavy duty, counter mounted, hand operated press that closes our eyelets fast and effortlessly. This is press is more advanced than the hand closing tool; the hand operated counter press works with a leaver that pulls down in order to crimp and close the eyelets.

The hand operated mounting press is mounted onto a solid even surface.  It is self-piercing; therefore, you do not need a Hollow Punch to make a hole in the material beforehand. The male part of the eyelet is placed on the top part of the press because it does the cutting, whilst the female is placed on the bottom part of the press with the material placed between the male and female. By pulling down on the lever the eyelet will crimp closed.

The hand operating counter press solely works with Alpha Universal manufactured TG 4 and TG 7 Eyelets. There are different interchangeable die-sets available. These die-sets are suited for the TG 4 and TG 7 eyelets and are both die-sets are compatible with the press.
The die set has either TG4 or TG7 die included.

Common Uses for Hand Operated Mounting Press:
This is a heavy duty, counter mounted, hand operated press that closes our TG 4 and TG 7 eyelets fast and effortlessly.

Available in:

Hand operated mounting press includes one size die-set of your choice, either a TG 4 or a TG 7:
TG 4 Eyelets Self-Piercing with dimension of ID 9mm
TG 7 Eyelets Self-Piercing with dimension of ID 12.5mm

Extra die-sets can be ordered and purchased separately.

All the above-mentioned products are manufactured by Alpha Universal.

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