The S-Hook is a hook shaped in the form of the letter “S” but bottom part of the “S” is closed in a circular form.  The S-Hook 110mm in size, made out of steel covered with a coat of black plastic allowing it to be weather proof.

The S-Hook Large is specifically for load bearing applications. It is used by connecting either webbing or rope to the circular part of the S-Hook and the open “S” side is used to hook to whatever the application allows. For instance; motorcycles, bikes, boats or Jetski’s being transported on a trailer.  

Common Uses for S-Hook Large

Ideal for loadbearing application where straps need to be pulled thigh to secure an object.

Can be used with 25mm polyester tie down webbing with ratchet, to secure a load onto a vehicle.

Available in:

Sold in packs of 20 items or individually.

Black or Galvanised