25mm and 38mm triangles are welded closed and made from mild steel, which allows for outdoor use. Triangles are normally used in conjunction with; 25mm or 38mm webbing.

Triangles have similar applications as O-rings as both products are completely closed. The main difference is, with triangles, the webbing will lay flat whereas with O-rings, the webbing will curve due to the circular shape of the ring.

Triangles can act as a connection between two or even three items due to the triangular shape of the product.

Common Uses for Triangle

Used in tents, gazebos, tarpaulins, baggage, backpacks and school bags.

The 38mm Triangle is popular for swimming pool covers in conjunction with 38mm webbing.

Available in:

Sold in packs of 100 items or individually.
20mm Black plastic
25mm Galvanized Welded
25mm Moulded nickel
25mm Black metal
25mm Olive green nylon
38mm Galvanized welded
38mm Moulded nickel
38mm Moulded plastic