The slider is the shoe-like part of the zip that glides over the track of teeth or zipper teeth. The slider opens or closes the zip depending on the direction it is being pulled. The sliders are available in double tab or single tab, a double tab slider can be used on reversible items, this slider is popular with tents.

An open-end zip has a stopper at the end, where the zip is connected and comes apart. An example would be the zips you find on jackets.  

YKK open end zips are available in RCF or Chunky zips, both are made of injected plastic nylon elements and lighter than metal zippers of the same size. Ideal for wet conditions, which make them perfect for wetsuits, bags, boat covers and lapa covers in coastal areas.

Chunky VS RCF
Chunky zip Chains have a more bulky or ‘chunky’ look and feel to them. This makes the Chunky zip more suitable for dusty and wet conditions as the chain will still run smoothly in these conditions.

RCF zip Chains have finer zipper teeth. According to YKK the RCF zip chain is significantly stronger than the Chunky zip chain, this is due to the smaller RCF zipper teeth that allow for a bigger area of grip.

YKK manufactures high quality zip products. The zipper tape is made from polyester, whilst the zipper teeth are made from nylon. The polyester and nylon are UV resistant, thus suitable for outdoor use.

Common Uses for YKK open end zips

Used on camping equipment and accessories, for example; tent doors and windows. They can also be used on awnings, upholstery work, cushions, bags like backpacks and school bags as well as jackets.

YKK open end zips are ideal for wet weather conditions, making them perfect for wetsuits, bags, boat covers and lapa covers in coastal areas.

Available in:

Sliders: Double tab or Single tab.
Sliders Sold individually or in quantities of 100.

No10 Slider Tabs are available in Nickel plated, Black, Olive Green, Grey and Beige. Custom colours can be ordered.

Size: (The teeth width of the chain in millimetres)
No3 (3mm) light duty, upholstery works etc.  
No5 (5mm) Medium duty, used in cushions and bags etc.
No10 (10mm) Heavy duty, used in tents etc.

Colours: Black, Olive Green, Grey and Beige.
Customer colours to order.
Available in Nylon RC and Chunky Vislon.

Lengths:  80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180m, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 280cm, 300cm, 350cm, 400cm, 500cm, 600cm
Custom lengths to order.