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Zips Open End – Generic

Zips Open End – Generic
Available in:

Type 10
80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 250cm, 280cm, 300cm, 350cm, 400cm, 500cm, 600cm
Black, Beige, Grey and Olive Green

Zips Open End – Generic 

Zips, also known as zippers, are fastening devices commonly found in clothing, bags, and various accessories. Open end zips are a type of zipper that allow the two sides of the fastener to be completely separated from each other when opened. This type of zip is often used in jackets, hoodies, and other outerwear, as it allows for easy removal and putting on of the garment. Open end zips can come in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors, making them a versatile option for designers and consumers alike.

One of the most important components of an open end zip is the slider. The slider is the small mechanism that moves up and down the teeth of the zip, allowing it to open and close. It’s important to choose a slider that is compatible with the size and material of the zip, as well as the intended use of the garment or accessory.

When selecting an open end zip, it’s also important to consider the teeth. 

Overall, open end zips are a versatile and convenient fastening option for many different types of clothing and accessories. By selecting the right type of zip, slider, teeth, and length, designers and consumers can ensure that their creations are both functional and stylish.


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