Imported high quality DOT Brand turn buttons. Turn buttons are an eyelet solution that allow for releasing and reattaching by the turn of a button.

The top part of the Turn Button looks like a key, this key part is mounted onto a hard surface or wall and the eyelet part, also known as female washer, is crimped onto the desired material. The eyelet washer part is hooked onto the key part and can be locked into place by the turn of the button.  The key part of the Turn Button screws onto the wall with 2 screws or pop rivets.

Alpha Universal also sells a turn button punch that will crimp the eyelet into the material. The female washer needs an oval shaped hole with 4 small slits. This hole can also be made using a carpet knife; hence the turn button can be manually inserted if one does not have a punch.

Turn Buttons are made from rust-free stainless-steel casing with a brass spring, this makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Common Uses for Turn Buttons

Turn buttons can be used in awnings and Lapa covers; on boats for closing cabin sails; beach buggy rooves, window sails and on bakkie covers.

Available in:

Sold in packs of 100 items or individually.

The female washer eyelet with the key part can be sold together or separately. Hence, sold in sets or individually.