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Snap Hooks (Nickel/Plastic)

Snap Hooks (Nickel/Plastic):

Snap hooks contain a durable spring. This spring allows for strong, quick attachment to a rope, cable, chain, or other line.

A snap hook is a hook made of metal and shaped like a question mark. It contains a hollow section that allows the spring-loaded closing bar to fit into it. In addition, there is a small appendage that catches the snap hook and opens it when pressed with the thumb. Upon release of the knob, the gate snaps closed thanks to the spring’s action.

Snap hooks can provide different functions, such as:

  • Panic snaps. The panic snap type is a quick-release mechanism that enables the attached rope or cable to be disengaged almost immediately. While some panic snaps are designed for general use, others are specially crafted for horses, complete with a ring that instantly disengages any attachment. As such they come with a ring that instantly releases anything attached to the snap.
  • Fixed-eye snaps. Fixed bases make these snaps ideal for marine applications such as boating attachments.
  • All-purpose snaps. These snaps let the operator change lures/rigs quickly without the need to retie a line.
  • Swivel-eye snaps. Swivel-eye snaps have an adjustable base. This base allows the spring to turn along its vertical axis.

Snaps are essential to many applications across diverse industries despite being small components. It’s important that you match the right snap to your project. This ensures the success of the snaps hooks.

Available in:
25mm, 38mm and 50mm

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