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Cord Stopper Pig Nose 2 Holes

Available in:

Black Plastic

General info about Cord Stopper Pig Nose 2 Holes:

The core stopper is mainly utilized in apparel that requires the flexibility of opening and closing. For instance, in a jacket, the cord is threaded through one end of the seam, where it meets the cord stopper at the other end. This stopper features a small spring that, when pressed down, opens the hole for the cord to pass through, allowing it to relax its grip on the cord. Releasing the spring secures the cord in place, determining the jacket’s size by adjusting the cord to hold it in place.

Alpha Universal offers three types of cord stoppers, all serving the same purpose but differing in shape. The two-hole cord stopper provides a dual grip on the cord, distinct from the single-hole cord stoppers.

Cord stoppers are lightweight and not intended for heavy-duty applications.

Cord Stopper Pig Nose 2 Holes used for:

Manufacturers of various products, such as apparel, bags, upholstery, camping equipment bags, and tent bags, can find utility in cord stoppers.

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Products widely used for:

Apparel that requires the flexibility of opening and closing

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